Design of the interface is the first thing anyone notices when they are exposed to a product; and it can be any product: A website, a mobile app, a device or a toy.


There are so many things that goes into the building of an interface – that ensures your interaction with the product is nothing less than an experience you’d love.


Our program on Design Engineering – UI/UX takes you through the finer details that goes into the building of a user interface.


Contents of the Program: UI/UX Design Engineering

  1. Concept of Design
  2. Why UX matters?
  3. Elements of a good User Interface (UI)
  4. Design thinking – Designing for Human beings.
  5. Design and data.
  6. Principles of designing.
  7. Know your User.
  8. Rapid prototyping.
  9. User Feedback, behavior and pattern analysis.
  10. Experiments and  A/B Tests8 Weeks.

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